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Lakehouse Pantry

–Wayne & Donna Douquette, Williamsford – 1st prize winner of butter tarts, Christmas cake

Sweet as Cake Custom Designs

– Jenna Kreller, Port Elgin – Christmas made easy, cookie platters to go, candy, popcorn, gingerbread, peanut brittle and more. All made in an inspected kitchen.

Ancora Gluten Free Baking

– Kelly Morrison – gluten free baking: cookies, muffins, donuts, bread, cupcakes, bagels, pie, fudge, breadcrumbs. dry mixes with baking instructions PLUS gluten free main course dishes prepared for the holiday season. mashed potatoes, squash, stuffing, cauliflower, cranberry sauce, carrots and gift certificates. New deliveries on Tuesday and Fridays.

Raschle Family Farms

-Beatrice Raschle – homemade variety packages of European Christmas Cookies and European Bread brought in Every Thursday

Laura's Home Baking

Laura Jantzi, Chesley– cooked pie or frozen pie, frozen crusts, homemade bread, donuts, cookies brought in fresh every Thursday and a few relishes.

Meat & Main Course

Lockerby Lamb

Amanda Caldwell, Lockerby – pasture raised lamb & pork, including lamb bacon processed in an inspected facility.

Fabulous Fish

– Sandra Blodgett, Paisley – frozen vac packed rainbow trout grown and prosessed in an inspected facility on Manitoulin Island. See Cedar Crest Spring Water Farm & Coldwater Fisheries
– wild caught whitefish, caught in the North Channel, Manitoulin vac packed
– Ontario wild caught pickerel vac packed
– Ontario wild caught yellow perch

Raschle Family Farm

– Mike Raschle- locally raised grain fed ground beef; 1 pound packages

Syrian Food

– Aisha Alibrahim, Port Elgin
– Baklava
– Waraq Enab
– Kiek with bulgar

Sauces & Drinks

BMKC Canada

– Shawna Harvey – Homemade BBQ Sauce

Farmgate Store

– Luke Weber – Maple Syrup

Lakehouse Pantry

Wayne and Donna Duquette, Williamsford – jams (including FROG jam), jellies (including Red Pepper Jelly), Famous Amish Dill and Sweet & Sour Pickles. And much more. Made in an inspected kitchen with locally grown produce.

Ivy Tea Room Blends

– Tamara Pasley -Every tea blend is made with passion for health, flavour, and to have our customers feel happy inside and out.

Pink Applesauce

-Vanessa Angel -Apples picked and sauce made just like grandma taught me. No color, no preservatives, no sugar or spices. Just apples.

Civil Kat Coffee

– Kat Healy – locally roasted coffee

Paisley Honey

– Paul Blodgett – bees travel 1 km to get resources to make honey. Paisley is a chemical free village, thus it is probable to say this is chemical free honey.

Pet Gifts

Chompers All Natural Dog Bakery – Desiree Fiori

– dog treats grain free freshly baked dog treats, and dog related handmade products. Our bandanas are very popular as well as our Christmas baskets.

Lockerby Lamb

– Amanda Caldwell – liver treats

Michelle Trendyle

– Catnip Mice

Crafts/Gifts: Wooden Items

ITR Creations

– Tamara Pasley – The rustic boxes and tin items we create are made from materials harvested from our old farmhouse (earliest date discovered was 1873) as well as precious materials such as silver cutlery, including hand made items, collected from various sites such as yard sales and auctions. It is amazing how Victorian tin can be incorporated into many interesting projects. We also forge our own hooks and handles for some of our creations. Because everything is handmade, it takes a bit of time for our creations to come together. Every piece is made with love for the craft.

Nova Star

– Shelby Carrol – crafts and woodworking – burned wood and painted toys

Brown Paper Packages -Sammy Hoffard

– Warm and unique gifts and home décor items with a rustic attitude. Each one made with care and attention to detail. From hand-painted wood signs, to hand-stitched Norwegian Gnomes, to appliqued charming owls, to reverse-painted canvas…. We delight in crafting one-of-a-kind and custom creations that you’ll treasure.

Boyer Creek

– handmade wooden crafts such as cutting boards

Crafts/Gifts: Art

Southhaven Press

– Sherine Boville – clothespin people

Treats and Treasures

– Megan Blodgett – driftwood key holders, musical Christmas trees and wall board art.

Lavender Girl

– Lee Murray – repurposed denim clothing and dried lavender products

Nan’s Alpha Art

– Nancy Kaufman – her personal photography, framed, handmade outdoor games

Crafts/Gifts: Jewelry

DJ’s Designs & Studio

-Debbie James – watercolor paintings, crafts and jewelry.

Creations by Cathy Lund

– Cathy Lund – handmade jewelry

Crafts/Gifts: Woolen Items

Thede Acres Alpacas

– Catherine Thede Alpaca – insoles and other products

Sue Exell

– hand knit items, cards, appliqued baby bibs, Mr & Mrs Snowman, large barb wire stars, boys crocheted hats large angels

Creations by Cathy Lund

– hand knit hats and scarves and mittens

Many Hands of Meaford

– Michelle Higgins – recycled clothing and accessories, hats, mitts, slippers, dryer balls, Tie Dye wear

Crafts/Gifts: Soap

The Blushing Bunny Natural Bath Co.

– Brittany Roselle – skin care products

Country Candlelight

– Elizabeth & Esther Keupfer – handmade naturally scented soy candles.

Crafts/Gifts:Other Artistic Specialties

Deb Kaufman

– waxed cloths to cover dishes. Replaces plastic wrap. Save the environment.


Damnation Corner

– Lee Johnston- local author showcases a murder mystery set in Owen Sound.