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Nov 12 – Dec 23, 2022




The front door can be opened as a double door and the doorway to the back is 33 inches wide. All aisles are 33 inches wide or more. .

The 2022 season is now over. Thank-you very much for your support. We will be leaving the website intact until the planning of the 2023 season begins, just so you can see how the 2022 season went. For 2023 – we are looking for new products, so this is a message to all 2023 consignors, new and old, please get creative. our customer base is small. And people want to see new things every season. Have a wonderful year and we hope we see you at Orchard’s Landing for the other 2023 events. 

COMMUNITY HOURS STUDENTS are invited to look at what you are good at or interested in and ask if there is anything you can do using those skills. We will be building a float, participating in the parade, preparing candy for the parade. You might like to bake for us. You might like to help us advertise for us by handing out flyers in your community. You might like to learn how to be the closer if you can come often at 5 pm. You might like to help us clean or remove our snow. Or who knows what else you could come up with. You might like to learn how to build a website. Consider that we are here to help you learn whatever you need to know. Paisley Christmas Market can provide you with a fun or educational community hours project.  Text me at 519-379-7284.

It is show time!  

The 2022 Christmas Market season has arrived and not without 100’s of volunteer hours by at least a dozen people and 1000s of hours of creating time by 43 local artists. Every year, we grow somehow and this year, we have added bar codes to all the products so make your till time just as short as possible. We hope this makes your visit to us as pleasant as possible. We look forward to an exciting 10th year! We appreciate you coming. 

There is plenty going on in Paisley this fall, not just the Paisley Christmas Market.  Click on the Paisley picture below to find out what other things you want to see this Christmas Season. Paisley is a happening place. Don’t miss it. You can help us have a great year by LiKING our Facebook Page and SHARING the things that interest you there.  In fact, it would be a big help if you did that with all your favorite businesses.  Thank-you in advance. Some major events include

  • Paisley’s Late Night Social THURSDAY, Nov 17
  • Paisley’s Santa Claus Parade FRIDAY, Nov 25
  • Doug Archer’s Reading at the Paisley Christmas Market SUNDAY  Dec 11

Click here to connect with the 2021 suppliers

In 2021 we had a lot of baking, candles, pretty jar mixes, books, wooden crafts, dolls, signs, glass paintings, lots of pet items, puzzles, games, pottery, bags and much more. Many of those suppliers may participate again and some may not. (You can still reach them all through this link) We are always on the look out for gifts for men and children such as things with cars and trucks, animals, sports, fishing lures. We want fun and inexpensive, not all sugar. Maybe homemade apple chips or potato chips. Apple fritters, dish cloths, bean sprouts, bath bombs, painted maple syrup bottles, painted honey jars, aprons for all ages and genders, planters, dried food,  fudge, biscotti, chocolate, mirrors, locally written books and CDS, wax melts, frozen locally made supper meals. and lots more. Don’t hesitate to ask if you think you have something that could add.  In 2022 we have a simple inspected kitchen that may help you with these ideas.
There might also be space at Elora Soap Company and some years there is a vendor show in the village square during Late Night Social.
And remember, Paisley is much more than the Paisley Christmas Market. There are 28 excellent businesses to explore in this village. 

We are getting a new bridge. In the meantime, Bruce County has put an easy detour through town via a Bailey Bridge. Come and check it out!