2020 Vendor Agreements

.                                 2020 Paisley Christmas Market Vendor Agreement                                .

(Created August 31, 2020)

www.paisleychristmasmarket.ca        519-379-7284

Since 2012, the Paisley Christmas Market has been an annual feature of the picturesque village of Paisley. We are a unique market featuring locally grown and processed foods, locally handcrafted home décor and gifts, and homegrown holiday cheer. The market runs mid-November to immediately before Christmas.  Because of COVID and various other reasons, these agreements are subject to change over the course of the 2020 program. Every adjustment will be announced in the 2020 Vendor Chat.

COVID RESTRICTIONS: All people entering our store during set up, sales days and clean up will wear a mask and sanitize at the door.  Each vendor will get a customized mask to wear in the store. There will be one way traffic in the store. There will be no sampling of food. If by chance the market is shut down due to COVID a full refund will be offered by October 31, With landlord consent half will be refund by November 30th and no refund after December 1st.

Location: The market is usually found on Queen Street in an empty storefront based on availability. Vendors will be advised of the exact address as soon as it is determined, hopefully before Oct.1, 2020.

Vendor Space: Each approved vendor will be allocated space sufficient to their needs and within our means and it is their responsibility to provide all staging material, product and signage to create an attractive display. No minimum space is required. We highly discourage 2×6 and 2×8 tables. We prefer a cozier look.

Product: Our Approval Committee will approve a wide variety of quality handmade/locally grown/processed items with limited similarity or overlap. We allow up to 3 vendors with similar products (eg. hats, cookies). Items not approved or without clear labels may be removed by a core group member (ONLY) without consultation with the intention that the situation will be remedied. All food will be prepared in an inspected kitchen. No products will contain rude jokes or bad language.  Products will be handmade or support the handmade theme of the vendor at the discretion and approval of the core group.

Labeling: Labels must bear a clear vendor name or vendor code (that we will indicate on your letter of acceptance). Every item must be clearly priced. Prepared food items will include ingredients and bake date as per Doc101*. Price reduction sales will be indicated on each item.

Fee Structure: Each vendor will pay $100 to participate in the market. This does not include a $15 charge for those requiring electricity. Charitable groups and students can participate at a reduced rate on individual consideration. At the end of the season every vendor will pay 10% of their sales to a maximum of $400.

Charitable Groups & Students: If there are any extenuating circumstances that might prevent you from participating or paying fully, please make a note on your application and someone from the Application Approval Team will contact you to discuss your situation. We are an inclusive team. If you start out with exceptions and you sell more than $500, you are expected to pay the full $100 plus 10%.

Assisting Roles:  Each vendor is expected to donate a minimum of 18 hours of manpower to the market. This is the only way the market can operate. A list of available roles will be sent with your letter of approval. If you do not donate 18 trackable hours, an additional $50 will be held back from your payout cheque unless otherwise discussed before the market begins. We understand not every vendor can be treated equally.

Core Group: 

  • Sandra (promotions) 519-379-7284
    • Signage
    • Flyers
    • Parade
    • Late Night Social
    • Radio Ads
    • Educational Evening Nov 2 5-9 pm by appointment
    • Meet & Greet Nov 10 6-8 pm
    • Celebration of Success January
  • Amanda (financial team/social media) 519-378-3080
    • Banker
    • Payouts
    • Bookkeeper
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
  • Donna (set-up and clean up) 519-370-9261
    • Appointments for set up and clean up
    • Store work schedule

How we promote the market:

  • We have a sign on the north end of Paisley, 2 signs near the arena and 1 big sign in front of the building.
  • We have a Website, Facebook and Instagram account.
    • WEBSITE: The photo and info for the website need to be there by Oct 1. Please check the site to ensure you like the info that is being said about you. A link from the webpage page can be sent to your place of choice if you offer it. Please ensure the link works.
    • Facebook and Instagram: Each page will have one vendor managing the content on our sites. Please send any photos you have to the team via photos4PCM@gmail.com , and they can decide whether or not to use them on our page. The team will create multiple new posts each week using photos you send and ones taken on site. Vendors will be tagged. You are EXPECTED to create at least 4 posts for yourself during the season on your own page. Please tag our social media team #PaisleyChristmasMarket to give them the opportunity to share it on our page. Please share our posts often, of your items and items of others on group pages you are affiliated with. (even if the pages are not local)
    • YOUR PHOTOS: It is the responsibility of each vendor to provide info and a good photos for the online presence. Send them to photos4PCM@gmail.com, putting your business name as the subject of your email.


  • Hard Copy & Live Promo
    • Flyers: The market provides flyers for you to hand out at shows that you go to during the year. We plan to hand out 2000 flyers and the more you use them, the more you will sell.
    • Parades: We encourage you to participate in the Paisley Parade and other parades if you can. These two things (flyers and parades) will be key to our 2020 success.
    • Late Night Social: We sponsor the Grinch Mobile at the Late Night Social and our sign will be on that bus.
    • Radio Advertising: The market pays for one week of radio advertising before Late Night Social (2nd last Fri in Nov)
  • WINDOWS: one vendor will manage the window. It will be changed weekly with a theme.

Supplies: The Paisley Christmas Market will supply shopping bags and a sales/tracking system that ensures daily awareness of activity for each vendor. It is possible we may have a table or shelving unit for you to use, but please be prepared to bring your own set up.

NEW VENDORS: We request that new vendors have someone help them with their checklist and that they work at least some of their hours in the first two weeks. No new vendors will work on opening day or closing day after noon.

Communication: We will communicate primarily on Messenger and email.

2020 Vendor Chat: This space is used primarily by the core group and anyone who wants a MESSAGE TO THE WHOLE GROUP. (Like a change in plans or an emergency; ie: the sign is falling off the building). Please learn how to use this very effectively. It is NOT TO BE USED for spam messages or personal concerns. These types of message will be deleted by the core group and YOU will be blocked from this chat at the FIRST OFFENCE, possibly being reinstated after a meeting with the core group. It is not to be used between 9 pm and 8 am. If you have a personal message for someone, you may use this as a place TO FIND the person you wish to chat to and then private message them. If a question is asked in this group, it is expected that you will reply privately to the person asking the question.

PCMconcerns@gmail.com: If you have a concern, complaint or question, it will be addressed by the entire core group. Please send your comments to the above email and they will address it as soon as possible and someone from the core group will get back to you as soon as possible. This email address will be checked daily.  This is ONLY accessible by the Core Group, Amanda, Sandra, Donna.

photos4PCM@gmail.com: Please send photos to this email address and use your business name as the subject. This is accessible by the social media people.

Paisleychristmasmarket@gmail.com : applications and other communications can go to this email address. This is accessible by the Core Group, Amanda, Donna, Sandra

Christmasmarketsales@gmail.com: Send a message to this email address if you have a concern about the sales tracker or payout or other financial concerns. This is accessible by the banker and bookkeeper and core group.

Set Up: We will set up by appointment between Nov 3 and Nov 10.  The goal is to be completely set up by Nov 10 at noon. Wednesday, Nov 11 afternoon and Thursday, Nov 12 is for last minute changes and a photo shoot of our new store. (No morning set up on Nov 11: If you have time on the morning of Nov 11, we request you go to a cenotaph to offer respect and thankfulness for our freedom. This is not something that should be taken lightly by anyone who enjoys these pleasures in our country.)

Store Hours: The 2020 Paisley Christmas Market will operate Sun-Wed 10-4, Thurs-Sat 10-6. We will be open until 8ish for Late Night Socials and until 8ish for the Santa Clause Parade. We will close at 4 pm on the final day.  We will open on Friday Nov 13 at 10 am and close on Dec 24 at 4 pm.

Educational Evening: This is an evening especially for new vendors and everyone is invited to come and look at the new space and review any new protocols. We will mark out where your display area will be located and get you on the set up, storekeeper and clean up schedules. It is on Nov 2 5-9pm by 1 hour appointments. Due to COVID, we will not be serving any food so if this conflicts with supper time, please bring your own. There will be NO SETTING UP at this event.

Meet & Greet: The Meet and Greet will be held from 6-8 on Nov 10. At this event, you will have opportunity to tell fellow vendors about your wares and get familiar with the store. Due to COVID, we will not be serving any food so if this conflicts with supper time, please bring your own. We will have a shopping opportunity for vendors that night and on Nov 12.

Scheduling: If you can’t cover a shift that you have promised, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. We will have a back up list readily available as a go to list for you.

Clean-Up: No table will be packed up until 5 pm on closing day. (The store is supposed to close at 4 and we need to give time for the closers to close.) A clean up schedule will be created. You can make an appointment to clean up between Dec 24 at 5 pm and Dec 31 at noon.


BROKEN ITEMS: Beginning in 2020, we will no longer be paying for broken items. It is your responsibility to ensure that your items are packaged safely.

Pay Out: You may be paid out at anytime during the market in cash or by cheque with the approval & at the convenience of the banker except the final two days of market. Final cheques will be written in time for the Success Celebration Potluck (in January). If you cannot attend the potluck, your cheque can be mailed to you or money e-transferred. (There is a $1.50 charge for e-transfers)

Success Celebration Potluck: We will celebrate our success in January. Because of COVID, it is impossible to predict what this looks like at this time. Stay tunes. Usually, at that time, you will be asked who you would like to thank for helping you create your personal success so please keep your eyes open during the event.

Applying to participate: If you are interested in participating in this year’s market, please complete the online 2020 Vendor Application or call/text 519-379-7284. Please be aware that there are many things to consider in accepting your application and to find a balance for each annual event in the specific space allotted. If you do NOT get approved, do not take it as a personally negative gesture. We like to have new items every year for our customers to see. Please try to come up with new ideas each year. We try to fit everyone in and sometimes that is just not feasible.