20150511_132121[1]Alicia'sAlicia can’t wait to draw your name from the ballot jar next Tuesday, May 1 and give YOU $10 to go shopping at the Paisley Farmer’s Market and beautiful keepsake painted egg from the market. What do you want at the Paisley Farmer’s Market? Well, that depends if you have an empty belly and want to fill it with delicious locally grown food or if you want to buy some jewelry or baby gifts. Maybe you just want a chocolate fix or perhaps you want some annuals for the garden. You will be surprised what $10 will get.

The coupon is valid every Saturday from 9-1 all summer.

Alicia’s Brand Name Clothing store is at the formerly known Joannie’s Fashions and carries some of the same fashions as Joannie did and many new brands as well. You can contact Alicia at 519-377-6373 to get more information about her very popular store.

Only ONE WEEK to get in on this draw. Don’t wait. Run to Alicia’s today! Share this post so your friends can have a chance to win the $10 too!