Behind closed doors there is a flurry of activity getting ready for your visit to the Paisley Farmers’ Market.


We are getting the prizes ready, the fundraisers, the FOOD (We focus on FOOD), the fun.

As always we are looking for new and interesting vendors and focus on FOOD vendors. We keep a balance of 50%+1 Food Vendors and look forward to see the creative balance of the others.

Here is a little sneak peak.  . . .

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Of course, there is fresh maple syrup products, fresh bread & pies, fresh chocolate treats, gluten free & sugar free baking, locally grown rainbow trout, Wendy Tanner will be back with her jewelry, annuals, perennials, Keyzer’s fruit and JMar meats. . . . plus more.20140726_124201[1]20140628_124340[1]

carpet 2014We are planning to make another hand woven carpet ready to be displayed. It will be raffled off at the Grand Feast Finalle. Tickets are $3 each and 2 for $5. This is a much coveted one of a kind item. If you don’t want it, there will be plenty of people who will pay you 10x your ticket price to put this in their home.  It’s worth upwards of $200. It requires at least 60 hours to complete.

               We will again be doing the weekly Basket of Goodness Draw for our customers

And this year we are introducing something NEW!!! It’s called SHOP PAISLEY FOR EGG-CELLENCE! We are giving away $10 of free shopping EVERY WEEK. To find out how, CLICK HERE soon. We are currently finalizing the details with the Paisley business owners who will be participating. PhotoGrid_1429586357485[1]

See you very soon!