Our 2022 sales goal is $80, 2022. One way we are hoping to suceed at this is by upgrading the speed at which we can move people throuigh our till. This will lead to more satisfied customers and it will be an easier job being the storekeeper. It might be a painful learning curve for you. Me too. And which part of the $80,000 do you want?. ūüôā

In 2022 we are beginning the use of ConsignTill and Bacodes. All questions concerning the set up of this are to be directed to Sherine by text at 519-706-0742. 

In 2022, Amanda Caldwell is going to be our banker for the 5th year. This is no small feat. If you have questions concerning the banking please text her. 519-378-3080. 


Get your username and password from Sherine. 519-706-0742.

She will send it in an email.