Events for Vendors

Dates to remember are these:

Nov 1 5-9 pm Educational Evening

Please text Joan (519-270-6091) and slot yourself in to visit and learn for about 2 hours.
We will have 4 people come every 15 minutes
1. You will get to review your information on the website and Sandra will make changes at your request.
2. You will go over the calendar with Joan and finalize your hours for set up, storekeeper and clean up. Everyone needs to visit Joan.
3. You will learn how to run the cash. Sherine (the designer of the program) will run through the program with you if you are signed up as storekeeper.
4. Sandra will teach you about Facebook and how to best use your page to promote the market and ensure that you reach your goals this season.
5. _____ will teach you about Instagram and how to best use your page to promote the market and ensure that you reach your goals this season.
6. You can discuss your potential spot for the market with Sherine. YOU MAY NOT SET UP RACKS OR PRODUCT ON THIS EVENING
7. The bookkeeper, Laurie will show you how to get online and see your sales every day
7. You will leave when your checklist is completed and reviewed and accepted by Sandra.

Nov 1 – Nov 10 9-9 pm SET UP WEEK

Set up. Please text  Joan (519-270-6091) and slot yourself in. She will ensure that someone is there to direct you and open the door.  IF YOU LEND ANYTHING TO THE MARKET, BE SURE IT HAS YOUR NAME ON IT. 

Nov 11 10:30 – noon CLOSED

There is a Remembrance Day Ceremony etc in the very area where we will be setting up so we ask that NO ONE be on site at this time. Feel free to attend the ceremony and celebrate our freedom. 

Nov 11 5-9 pm Meet and Greet

We will have directional markers on the floor so you can walk according to the markers. We can house up to 40 people if we wear masks and stay 6 feet away from each other. Put your hands out and if you can touch fingers you are too close.  Traditionally this event is designed so you (or someone) can introduce yourself and your product and tell a bit about it. This year we will complete the evening by giving vendors the first opportunity to purchase products from each other. we will not be eating at this event and you do need to wear a shield or a mask with this large number of people. Please bring a chair.

Nov 12 10 am Opening Day

We will have directional markers on the floor. We can house up to X people if we wear masks and stay 6 feet away from each other. We will each wear aprons and Sherine and Sandra will work through the program on the first day and iron out any bugs. 

Health Inspector Visits

We want a sample of all food to be onsite for this visit. We are not allowed to sell any food that has not been reviewed by the health inspector. 

Late Night Social – Nov 19

The Paisley Christmas Market is one of the oldest markets in the area. Our first Christmas Market was held in 2012 as an extension of the Paisley Farmer’s Market which dates back to 2006. The Paisley and District Chamber of Commerce created the LATE NIGHT SOCIAL in 2012 and has historically been a night of fun and laughter. in the past, people from surrounding communities showed up to explore the secret treasure called Paisley on one late night of the year. Even the Grinch and Saugie showed up! The store fronts are made beautiful and there are treats everywhere. . It was on that magical night that the Paisley Christmas Market began. And it has been magical ever since.

Paisley Parade – Nov 26

Sadie Rahn is our Parade Coordinator. She has arranged that community hours students will roll flyers and volunteers (maybe you) will join them to hand them out in the parade. Each person will wear a Paisley Christmas Market logo and carry a basket of rolled flyers with candy. You are welcome to walk in other parades as well. 

Dec 22 4 pm – Last hour for preliminary payout cheques


If you need your money for Christmas or to replenish stock, you can request a payout cheque from Amanda any time before Dec 22 at 4 pm. There will be NO payout cheques written again until after the market is closed. Maximum fees will be withheld at the time a cheque is written.  Final cheques will reflect any variance in the fees. 

Dec 24 4 pm CLOSING HOUR

You know and I know that customers will still be coming past 4:00 and we have to do the book keeping. 


No vendor clean up will begin until 5 pm Dec 24. You have until Dec 30 to get your items out of the store. Please take all your furniture, All your garbage and all your product. If you have time, please help with the group clean up as well. There is usually about 15 hours of PUBLIC clean up that needs to be done to leave the space as good as we found it.  Feel free to donate at least one hour for this. 


Weather permitting and of course, COVID permitting, we will celebrate our success at a very spacious dinner party. Historically, this has been a potluck. This year, we may have to brown bag it for our own table. We will want to celebrate each other and thank each other for the support we gave one another. Please take note of these things throughout the season so you are ready to thank your co-workers. Payout cheques are given at this party so it is worth a last little visit to Paisley. After this party, all passwords to all accounts will be changed, so do not be offended if you no longer have access to things. The 2021 season will be complete.