For Jenna and the girls

This morning I’m thinking about Jenna Ashley McKee. It’s time to do something to help her. We truly miss her at the market this Christmas and maybe you don’t know why she’s not there. She’s not there, because her husband was in a tragic car accident this past summer. His name is Sheldon McKee and you might remember that he was a tattoo artist in Wingham. When he left, it caused a situation where Jenna and her two daughters, had to leave Port Elgin and move to Wingham. We want to show Jenna that we really miss her and we really care about her in this difficult experience. (And all the time) Starting MONDAY, Dec 5, we are inviting you to bake cookies and squares in our newly inspected kitchen. Because our kitchen is a baby, you will need to donate all the ingredients for your recipes. PCM will donate the cookie sheets to cook it on, the plates to put the squares on, the cellophane wrap and the bar code. It would be good to leave us a list of the ingredients of your recipe in case people have allergies. We hope to create about 100 cookie platters in the next 3 weeks and sell them with ALL the proceeds going to Jenna. . You do not need to bake a lot. Even one tray of cookies will be a help. If you have your safe food handlers certificate you can let us know when you want to come, between 8 & 8 Mon to Sat and 9 & 6 Sunday. If you don’t have the certificate it needs to be more planned, which is fine. If you already have a certified kitchen, you are welcome to bring things from there (some restrictions apply). And if you just want to make a cash donation, that’s great too. We will have a jar at the till. We hope to give Jenna $3000 for Christmas. Please text 519-379-7284 to book a time to come. To send an etransfer please send it to our banker at marked FOR JENNA