This hot dry summer has made us all appreciate the hard work of our local farmers trying to eek out a living. Again and again, they bring us food to put on our tables. Of course, we know that there is no local fruit this year and the farmers such as the Rural Gardener, Paul Martin and several weekly vendors are working hard, nurturing the vegetables along. (Lots of watering!)

Pine River Cheese (Johnathon Farrell) continues to support us and Fabulous Fish (rainbow trout) will be here again this week.

We are favored by having amazing bakers in our group such as Ken & Sandra Ransome and Donna Douquette (fall fair prize winning baking!)

Also we have two meat vendors  David Weber and Highlands of Paisley that come again and again.

We are now graced with green garlic pesto and pickled garlic from Rural Gardener will be along soon. (One customer just called and said, I finally broke into last years pickled garlic. I expected to eat one piece and I just looked and the jar is EMPTY!! That was great stuff!!! I suggested his wife will be thinking differently. Ha ha)

Mary Lynn Houston (the cargill witch), was pleased that Fabulous Fish is enjoying serving their BBQ’d trout with her very own dried seasonings. That along with her nutritious fruit roll-ups make her a popular booth.

We now have two crafters on site most of the time. . . one selling handmade jewellery and one selling baby items. Both are a lovely asset to the market, especially if you have some gifts you need to get.

I believe for the first time, we will be having some music at the market. Not quite sure how this will unfold, but come out and give us your opinion. Should we invite this musician back. I am interested in hearing your feedback.

Also I bought some real sandbox toys and water toys for the play area. I hope all you kids will come out and play with us.

Have a great day on July 21 at the Paisley Farmers Market.