Well, what wonderful weather we had for most of the summer. Not so great for growing but terrific for mingling at the market. It was fun to watch all the little groups chatting every Saturday morning.

Our core group of vendors grew very strong this season and we feel thankful for the commitment shown by everyone.

“It’s All About the Bling” has become a permanent fixture in the Paisley business collection and we are proud to think they built their roots at the market. Wendy and Taylor, a mother daughter team, create the most interesting pieces of jewlery. I notice older ladies and teenagers alike, being fascinated by the interesting selection. You can see their pieces on Facebook and we are hoping to see them at Paisley’s Late Night Social on Dec. 7 . I will add their information to our vendor list so you can reach them easily.

We also welcomed a new produce vendor this year. Lena Landei Country Culture is the name of her business. She sells her chemical free feild vegetables and cut flowers. She works on a farm and in her “spare time” grows this wonderful produce for us. It is her first year and I will say that the memory of her sweet carrots is not something I will forget soon.

Remember that there are just 4 weeks left until Thanksgiving – our GRAND FEAST FINALLE – and that means just 4 weeks left of gathering the crop into your pantry so that you have locally grown and mostly chemical free food to last you all season. The canners have been hard at work. Don’t miss out. Even that delicious sourdhough bread that pumpkin tartDonna makes freezes really well. I know my freezer will house some of that for as long as I can make it last. There is no need to have a lessor diet just because it is winter. But you have to plan ahead and you have to stock up now!

See you tomorrow!