Ribey Market

Candy Ribey, Paisley

Your source of Christmas cookies, squares, fudge etc for Christmas entertaining – on trays & in Christmas bags.

Typical Christmas baking items

 All made in an inspected kitchen.

Lakehouse Pantry

Wayne & Donna Douquette, Williamsford

1st prize winner of butter tarts, Christmas cake, canning. All made in an inspected kitchen.

Thyme For Food

Mona Zarifa
Port Elgin

Mediterranean Food ( pastries, sweets, pickles and spices )

The Cottage Pantry

Theresa Laliberte
Port Elgin

Gluten and nut friendly baking, cookies, bars, brownies, rolls,

Sunshine Sweets

Allyson Wilford
Paisley, ON

A delicious range of “space candy” freeze dried candy and treats.